‘Sherlock’ season 4: Benedict Cumberbatch works to avoid fan theories

Sherlock season 3With the premiere of “Sherlock” season 4 right about upon us, we’re starting to get a further sense of what is coming up. Specifically, early indications suggest that this is by far going to be the darkest season of the show to date, and Holmes could be tested psychologically like never before.

One other thing that is clear is that if you spend a great deal of time on Tumblr or somewhere else creating fan theories, odds are that Benedict Cumberbatch is not reading them. Speaking in a new piece courtesy of the BBC, the actor makes it clear that he tries to steer clear of anything pertaining to the show that could steer his expectations or his thoughts in any given direction:

“I can’t have too many voices and influences. I have to trust my directors and writers and actors to make what we’re making. Reaction veers passionately in every direction with this subject and character. Some of that does get back to me – but hopefully that’s the nicer stuff.”

What we do know is that the fourth season will move the show forward to a time in which Watson is a father, and where Sherlock is at another place in his life where he has to try and properly determine what it is that he wants, and whether or not he can forge further lasting connections. He’s a man who is perpetually haunted, and with that we presume that it is not going to do him a whole lot of good when he realizes that new ghosts will be coming his way this season. For now, it certainly appears as though the biggest threat he faces is going to be one Culverton Smith, a particularly nasty foe who is played by none other than Toby Jones.

Once there is further news to report, we’ll have it for you over at the link here! That is our “Sherlock” archive, and it’s where you can see a wide array of the latest articles that we’ve written about the series to date. (Photo: BBC One)

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