‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ spotlight: Will Brooke-Burke Charvet find time in the spotlight?

Brooke -

Earlier on this fine Christmas Day, we kicked off our spotlight series for “The New Celebrity Apprentice” by focusing on someone in Laila Ali who has a lot of potential to be a champion, but we’re not quite sure that she will get over the top.

Now, we’re focusing on someone in Brooke Burke-Charvet who definitely has some reality TV experience coming into this and could be fun to watch, but the biggest thing that she’ll have to face off against is simply perception that she’s not as exciting or as fiery as some other contestants. Maybe in some ways this will help her to avoid being an easy target; however, it could hurt her down the road in the end.

Claim to Fame – Former host of “Wild On” and one-time contestant-turned-co-host for “Dancing with the Stars.” She’s also done modeling and has hosted a wide array of other specials not mentioned here

Charity Operation Smile, one of the best organizations out there helping children who are born with cleft lip or cleft palate receive the proper surgical care that they need. Over the years, they’ve helped children all over the globe.

Strengths -Brooke is the person you want giving the presentation, or the person you want out there directing people in terms of how to run a commercial. She’s been around so many of these environments that she’s going to be well-suited for leading specific creative tasks. She’s also interacted with a ton of people and should be very social. if there are tasks with an acting component, we imagine that she will hold her own. She’s also battled thyroid cancer, and that shows a determination and that she shouldn’t be underestimated.

Weaknesses – She’s not necessarily someone like a Boy George or a Snooki, who you can put on a poster and the majority of people will recognize her right away. Despite being host on “Dancing with the Stars,” she’s one of the least-recognizable members of this team and she doesn’t have a huge personality like some of the other people that are here. We also don’t know what sort of contact list she has for fundraising, but given that she’s spent a ton of time in Los Angeles, that may help to offset that.

Prediction -Brooke has the skills to go fairly far, but she’s probably too under-the-radar to win. Our real fear for her is that she takes on the Project Manager role around week four, messes something up, and then ends up getting fired.

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