‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ spotlight: Will Laila Ali fight to the finish

Laila -

Today may be Christmas, but it also marks the start of another occasion: The beginning our spotlight series for “The New Celebrity Apprentice,” which is technically what NBC is calling the show these days. After day from now until New Year’s Day, we’re going to be presenting you with two spotlights on some of the contestants on a daily basis! This should give you a chance to get to know a little more about the competitors, who they are, and also precisely what they bring into the boardroom. We’re also steering these entirely clear of some of the outside noise — it’s meant to be a fun show, so let’s keep it that way, shall we?

We’re beginning here with Laila Ali, someone we’re familiar with mostly because she’s been on “Dancing with the Stars” before — which ironically is the same reason we know a lot of the various contestants this season.

Claim to Fame – Boxer. As we just mentioned, we don’t really follow the sport. Given that she is the daughter of Muhammad Ali, her position is history was set even before she amassed a 24-0 record before retiring. (Yep, just looked that up!) Clearly, she is very good at what it is that she does.

Charity Women’s Sports Foundation. It’s a group that has a fairly self-explanatory name, and their goal is simply to help women out there in the sporting world, to promote fitness, and to better ensure a higher overall sense of wellness.

Strengths – You don’t go undefeated without being very good at what you do, and Ali has the same fight and determination that her father did. She’s someone who can be versatile since she’s coming into this with a ton of TV experience, and we gotta think that she’s gotta have some people in her Rolodex that others don’t. Remember, raising money is a huge part of this show! If she knows Floyd Mayweather, dude has more money than some small countries and could be willing to help out.

Weaknesses – If you’re wanting to do something that is a little more comedic on a given task, we don’t think Ali will be able to help you too much. We think of her as someone who executes things, but not so much as someone who creates things. Maybe she’ll prove us wrong over the season, but our biggest fear is that she’s not going to have that extra gear to take ownership of a lot of ideas.

Prediction – Ali should go fairly far, but our big concern is that she will go home at around the top 7 or so when everyone left is a good contender, and she simply doesn’t have the resume as a creative force that Arnold Schwarzenegger wants in the finale. Still, we do think she has winner upside, and we’re not sure we can say that about the entire field.

How well do you think Laila is going to do this season on “The Celebrity Apprentice”? Share below, and head over here to get some further spotlights on the cast. (Photo: NBC.)


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