‘Blue Bloods’ season 7 spoilers: Will another relationship inspire or destroy Jamie and Eddie?

Blue Bloods season 7At the moment on “Blue Bloods,” we finally know that Jamie and Eddie have feelings for one another. However, at the same time we haven’t seen a willingness from either party to necessarily act on these said feelings beyond that kiss. They know what being together could mean in terms of their jobs, so they don’t seem particularly willing to make that next step — at least at the moment.

As for whether or not we could see that change later this season, the jury is still out … but we can go ahead and tell you that in the second episode of the new year, you are going to see these characters asking some more hard questions after they witness an argument between two cops who are also lovers at the same time — which is going to cause them to think more about their own relationship and if they are handling things the right way.

There is no denying that there is an enormous inherent risk that would come with the two characters choosing to be in more of a committed relationship. It could cause them to think a little bit differently while out in the field, and in turn put each other in greater risk of some terrible things happening. Yet, you can also argue that sooner or later, it could get to a situation where the two don’t fight for what they want, and eventually as a result of that they end up getting further distracted. It’s possible that not acting on their feelings becomes a liability in its own way.

We feel like at this point, we’ve definitely planted our flag in the Jamie / Eddie camp, especially since there are so many great things that the show can do with the two parties if they do get together. Hopefully, the writers will take us in that direction, but they don’t necessarily seem to be in a rush to make it happen.

(Photo: CBS.)

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