‘Scorpion’ season 3: What Walter, Paige, Sylvester, and everyone else could want this holiday season

SCORPIONThis is the season of giving, and given that some of your favorite “Scorpion” characters have given so much to you over the years, isn’t the time right to give a little something to them? Well, hypothetically anyway since it’s hard to transport directly into the TV to interact with Walter and company. While it’d be fun, we’re not sure this is technology that even these people have the skills to pull off.

The latest edition of our ongoing Christmas / Hanukkah gift series, we’re looking at precisely what many of our favorite characters from the CBS show could, or should, want heading into the holiday season this year. Note that the final episode of “Scorpion” for the calendar year is going to air on Monday night, and we’ll be back with some more news on it soon! this article is strictly for a little bit of fun to get you ready for that airing.

Walter – At this particular point, he probably just wants Tim to be offered a new job somewhere in Guam. He doesn’t want him to be hurt or anything; just somewhere far enough away where he could realize that being in a relationship with Paige isn’t so viable.

Cabe – Where not sure the guy wants them, but clearly he needs a more modern pair of sunglasses.

Paige – Some sort of translator so that she can better understand what her fellow team members are talking about sometimes. Maybe just go and stick a bow on the head of Leonard from “The Big Bang Theory”? We’ve seen weirder crossovers, even if they’re made from separate studios.

Toby – Ever seen the movie “Blank Check”? Well, Toby basically wants that when it comes to his wedding.

Happy – Happy wants a Williams Tools WSC-1390TB 1390 Piece mammoth tool set worth $32,084.11 (we looked it up), which basically beans that if she gets this, she and Toby will be having their wedding in a back alley somewhere. Alas, we don’t think that blank check is coming.

Ralph – We’d say to get Ralph the NES Classic so he can really enjoy the classics much like any kid should, but we’re sure that if we were to look one of these up on eBay at the moment it’d probably cost us around $32,084.11 to buy one.

Sylvester – He’s not the king of guy to be altogether picky. Other than of course winning the alderman election, get him anything with Super Fun Guy stamped on it and he’s probably going to be okay.

Have any fun gift ideas for the “Scorpion” cast yourself? Let us know in the comments, and head over here to get a preview for Monday night’s new episode! (Photo: CBS.)

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