‘The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood’ episode 11 video: Tyara’s struggle continues

Bad Blood -At the end of this past episode of “The Real World,” Tyara received some news that she absolutely was not anticipating: She is expecting, and it seems like an ex back home is the father. This caused her to be immediately emotional, but judging from the sneak peek below, it doesn’t seem like her impulse is to leave the house right away and pack up her stuff.

With that said, she’s not exactly being altogether social with many of her other roommates, either. You can see her keeping mostly to herself in this sneak peek below for the next new installment of the show (currently scheduled for December 28), at least until making a phone call to her mother, presumably unsure as to what exactly she’s going to be doing next. Her mother tries to offer up some comfort that things are going to be okay for her, but she’s still feeling just as much emotion as she was beforehand.

For much of the remainder of this season, we anticipate this being an enormous part of the show’s story, and why in the world wouldn’t it be? You’re talking about the sort of event that really does define someone’s life, and she needs to make the right decisions for herself to prepare for whatever comes next. The biggest thing that we hope she does is lean on some of her other housemates; while there have been numerous times this season we’ve called some of them heels for their bad behavior, we do think many of them do have good hearts and will do whatever they can in order to help her.

There’s still a little bit of time left for some of these stories to play out, so we’ll have to wait and see precisely what happens. The same goes for some of the other storylines that are also playing out, including the suddenly-combustible relationship between Jenn and Peter.

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