‘Sherlock’ season 4 video: Mark Gatiss on first week of filming

Sherlock season 3With the premiere of “Sherlock” season 4 getting closer and closer to premiering on PBS / BBC One, we’re starting to get more and more footage of the series and what to expect from it.

Want a great example? Then just be sure to check out the video below, given that this is about what it was like getting the gang back together in the first place! This features co-creator Mark Gatiss (who also plays our favorite character Mycroft) front and center giving you an update as to what it was like starting up work on the season, and how everyone seemed to fall back into their established grooves fairly quickly, including star Benedict Cumberbatch on his first day as Sherlock Holmes.

At one point, Gatiss jokes that they wrote “too many beginnings” to the show this time around, which may mean in turn that there are going to be “too many endings” on the other side of it. Nonetheless, we’re sure that they will figure it out, and deliver three episodes that really give you a tremendous sense of fun, of mystery, and just about everything else that you would really want from “Sherlock” as a whole these days.

Of course, we know that there will perpetually be talk about whether or not the fourth season is the final season, and there’s no clear answer on that — though we know many people involved would want to make more. Here’s our advice: Stop thinking about the future for the next month or so, and enjoy the episodes for what they are. They are three more potentially-wonderful stories, and even if we don’t get more of the show beyond this, at least we got these episodes and that was never a guarantee. Sometimes, the best things don’t tend to last all that long.

As we do get closer and closer to the special airing, rest assured we’ll have some further news and discussion on all things “Sherlock” over at the link here. Stay tuned! (Photo: BBC One.)

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