‘Shark Tank’ revisited: GoodHangups, TactiBite Fish Call, Ice Age Meals, The Lapel Project

Shark tank -If there was ever a prime time in which to be featured on a “Shark Tank” repeat, tonight is it! Just remember for a minute here that this is likely the last episode for holiday shoppers to jump on before we get around to the Christmas break; it’s hard to imagine many people will be buying anything from this show on a potential December 23 episode in order to get it to someone for the holidays. If there was ever a chance to (potentially) get a last-second gift from a company featured on the show, tonight’s the night.

The show re-airing tonight is probably the one that we’re more familiar with than any other in “Shark Tank” history, given that we also podcasted about this episode a little bit earlier in the fall. Below, we’ve got our own take on how some of these companies have been doing since the show, and you can visit any of their official websites to get a little bit more information for yourself!

The Lapel Project – It was fun to see these guys go with Mark Cuban in the Tank the first time, given that he’s always been a little offbeat when it comes to fashion — he never puts on a tie for the Tank — and he seemed to understand the multiple uses of what the company does. They’re lapels for guys with out-there style, and we’re pleased to see that they’re already in the market of selling items specifically with New Year’s Eve in mind. When you are that forward-thinking, odds are some good things are going to come your way in the future. They’re off to a good start in what is hopefully a long post-Tank career.

GoodHangups – The last time we saw the company in the Tank, they had a deal with Lori Greiner. Since then, it feels like the name of the game has been mostly honing their strategy to focus on the company’s ease of use. Having a video demonstration on the official website is such an intelligent idea, given that it allows for an opportunity for potential consumers to see right away precisely what these little sticker-magnets do, and how effective they may be as an alternative to items that may harm your walls.

Ice Age Meals – Back when we saw the company in the Tank for the first time, the primary issue seemed to be merely one of value: The company clearly thought that a deal merited a huge valuation, but it was a little bit of valuing based on potential versus where they were. There are no superficial updates for the company that we’d consider enormous since the first airing, but we do get the sense of the hustle behind the scenes and we do think that the product probably does cater great to a certain demographic. The key issue here likely remains that buying many of the products online costs a substantial amount of money, and that’s a big commitment for someone who just wants to try it out.

TactiBite Fish Call – In terms of pure web presence, these guys have improved the most since the Tank. They’ve established far better branding, and more than that made it all the more clear precisely what this is and what it does. We’re not someone who actively fishes and haven’t been since we were a kid; therefore, if we can understand the company and the product’s purpose, many prospective buyers will during the holiday season.

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