‘The Walking Dead’ season 7: What Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Carol, and more should receive this holiday season

twdWe imagine that we’re never going to see a “Walking Dead” holiday special at any point in the future, which is probably a good thing since it’d end up being like the “Star Wars” Christmas special which would be a complete mess. (With that said, doesn’t “twelve walkers walking” fit in perfectly to “The 12 Days of Christmas”?)

Over the next several days, we’re going to our part to give you the ideal Christmas gifts of some of your favorite TV characters, or Hanukkah gifts wherever it may apply. If there was ever a TV family in need of some presents, it’s the crew at Alexandra, The Kingdom, Hilltop, and everywhere in between … though we are slightly worried that Negan’s going to come and take half of them anyway. Santa’s going to have to be pretty resourceful when it comes to his hiding of the gifts! (Also, Santa probably is going to need either a giant shotgun or machete cause he knows what he’s dealing with here.)

Here are some of the gifts we’ve hand-chosen for some of the characters this year.

Rick Grimes – A pile of guns. Santa may have to go to Oceanside to get some if he doesn’t feel comfortable having his elves make them in the shop. Rick will probably also want a little bit of that courage that the Cowardly Lion asked for in “The Wizard of Oz.”

Daryl Dixon – An iPod with a solar-powered battery and a motorcycle dock so he can play it while he rides. It comes preloaded with one song: “Easy Street.” Here’s to hoping that Daryl’s heard it so many times now that he’s developed Stockholm Syndrome and all of a sudden it’s his JAM.

Carl Grimes – New roller-skates! Also, a giant can of pudding … lots of pudding. Maybe an extra spoon if he wants to really shovel it in.

Maggie Rhee – Poster board and a wide array of markers to start her campaign to take over as Mayor of Hilltop. We have about three or four jokes we can make about political slogans, but it’s Christmastime and it really seems like a bad idea to turn the comments section into a combat zone.

Carol Peletier – The latest cookbook from Mrs. Fields, and also a calculator to narrow down the serving sizes to just one person. If she does end up burning some of them, she can always use those to throw at people to get away from her.

Michonne – A new mattress. She was clearly pissed about them being burned and let’s face it, no one wants to sleep on the floor.

Negan – He may be asking Santa for a new wife to add to his harem, but we all know he’s been pretty naughty this year and Santa’s bringing him a big ‘ol can of SHUT THE HELL UP instead.


Have any gift ideas we’re leaving out? Let us know in the comments! For some additional news right now when it comes to “The Walking Dead,” we suggest that you simply head over to the link here and get some other news pertaining to the show! (Photo: AMC)

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