‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ exclusive: Jay Starrett talks shocking vote off, what he’d change, and more

In the aftermath of the “Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X” finale, how do you consider Justin “Jay” Starrett anything other than one of the most dynamic players of the season? He was constantly playing, he won challenges, found an idol, and went home in one of the most epic ways imaginable as David tricked him into finding a fake idol. He went out in super-memorable fashion, and kudos to him for being such a great sport about it.

In our interview with him on Thursday morning, we went through some of what transpired here.

CarterMatt – How are feeling about the reaction to the way in which you were sent home?

Jay Starrett – It was really crazy, and I think I went out the only way I could go out.

Do you think you could have beaten both David and Adam at the end of the game? I know it was something that you discussed with them.

I knew I could beat Adam, but with David, me and him were in agreement that it was either going to be a tie, or that he was going to beat me by a vote.

Let’s say that you made it past that vote at the final six. Would you have honored that final three deal?

I think I would’ve taken them. I think that had they stuck by me and saved me, I would have respected their game-play and be like ‘let’s do it.’

You really had to grasp at straws for a lot of different things, and there were never all that many people who were willing to be honest with you. Was that frustrating out there?

I had a blast. It was epic, I loved it. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

So is there any one move, then, that you wish you would have made?

I wish that I would have won, obviously, but [otherwise] I wish I would have talked to Bret more because I didn’t realize how sensitive he was and he needed to know that I wasn’t lying and I wasn’t going to go against him.

You had this really great relationship with Adam, so from the moment that you realized he was in the final three, did he have your vote before the final Tribal Council even started?

As soon as Adam [was at the end], I knew I was writing his name down.

Would you be interested in going and playing the game again so soon after being on this time?

Oh for sure.

So would you do mostly the same sort of game that you did this time?

I have no idea actually, because I don’t know the people and I’ve to scope them out. The people is what makes the game the game. So I can’t make rules to a game when I [don’t know the players].

You talked a lot out there about how you were on the show to support your family and try to give them an easier life. What has the experience been like for you since coming back watching this whole show play out with them?

I think it just proves to all of us that we can do anything. I think I came out of something like this stronger and more patient and more loving and more appreciation towards life. I wouldn’t eat a tomato before, but now if you give me a tomato, I’ll eat it like it’s an apple. I love food (laughs).

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