‘Teen Wolf’ season 6, episode 6 preview: All the trouble in ‘Ghosted’

Teen wolf -The past five weeks have been kind to “Teen Wolf” season 6, at least in terms of there being some new episodes airing on MTV. As we get further and further along into the season, the biggest thing that we can hope for is some further information — and also a few surprises.

At the end of Tuesday night’s new episode, we saw a few more clues as to how to bring Stiles’ back — we’ve got a road trip coming up to Canaan as a result, where Lydia’s going to encounter something surely unexpected in “Ghosted”: Another banshee.

In particular, this episode is going to have some big-time stakes to it given that by the end of it, we could end up learning a thing or two more about if there is a way to actually bring this guy back — there are some significant emotions invested now, especially since Lydia now remembers precisely some of the words that Stiles said before leaving.

Not only are there higher stakes on the show itself at the moment, we’d also say that there are much higher stakes for some of the fans. In terms of both cohesiveness and emotional resonance, we’d say that Tuesday’s episode was the best of the entire season so far. It gave you a lot of fantastic performances, while at the same time also a little bit of romance and an emerging presence of a villain-of-sorts in Claudia. This brings forward something that we weren’t strictly getting out of the Ghost Riders, who are terrifying, but also a little bit more difficult to wrap your head around when you consider just how weird / mysterious they truly are.

If you are interested in getting some other news when it comes to “Teen Wolf,” be sure to head over to the link here. (Photo: MTV.)

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