On ‘Westworld’ season 2 and the power of expectation

Tonight marks the first time in a good two and a half months that there has not been a new episode of “Westworld” airing on HBO, and the thought of that alone is rather strange to us. This is a show that became in so many ways addicting thanks to is enigmatic characters, twists, and a hybrid of past-meets-future storytelling that none of our brains were fully accustomed to seeing as viewers.

Unfortunately, now we have to brace ourselves for a completely different experience altogether, one in which there is no new episode of the show coming on HBO tonight. The biggest reason for that is simply because the season’s over — and unfortunately, you are going to have to wait until 2018 to see more new episodes.

Is that sort of wait a bad thing? In some ways, you can easily argue yes, given the sole fact that a year and a half is only going to increase expectations for something that was an entirely new thing this time, and a show that really redefined how you think while watching television. It’s a great thing to have challenges, but the expectations for this show in particular are only going to go through the roof once more and more people see the show and make their thoughts clear about it.

Let’s just say this: We’d hate to be a writer on this show, facing the fact that no matter what they do, some will feel like it won’t measure up. Given the chance that we’re moving to an entirely different world to go along with that (and we may have seen clues in the finale as to what that world could be), odds are we’re only going to see the challenge escalate further. New characters will be compared to older ones, and if there’s not a central mystery with a Samurai World / anywhere else that doesn’t have something equal to the Maze, it could be a problem.

Now that we’ve said all of this, it’s important that we are going to get a chance to give the new season a chance, and even if it doesn’t measure up to season 1, isn’t it still going to be better than a good 90% of the other shows that are out there? We do certainly think so.

If interested, be sure to head over here right now to secure some other news when it comes to “Westworld”. Also, be sure to leave us a comment int he box below with what you want to see happen in season 2.

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