‘Fuller House’ season 3: Renewal hopes for Netflix super-comedy

Fuller -Today, Netflix is officially starting off the second season of “Fuller House” with new episodes. With that, there is of course a larger question to ponder over: Is there going to be a season 3?

While there may not be anything altogether official at the moment, we have to assume that there will be more catch-phrases and family comedy in the near future. If you think back, there were reports via statistic companies stating that season 1 was one of the most-popular series on all television, let alone on Netflix. This shouldn’t be a surprise given how the show caters to a group of people who are always a little hard to detect when you are talking about TV popularity: Families. We’re talking about people in the midwest who are not necessarily on Twitter often, and love watching something with their children that they know to be wholesome, controversy-free and just a whole lot of fun. A show that capitalized on “you got it, dude” and “how rude” is pretty much that in a nutshell.

If there is a third season in the future, we expect it to be airing at some point in either late 2017 or early 2018. We certainly think that the cast expects there to be more of the show, given the fact that Candace Cameron Bure (DJ) decided that she was going to leave “The View” in order to accommodate her busy schedule elsewhere. If she was to leave “Fuller House” only to realize that there was no busy schedule elsewhere, it would almost certainly prove awkward.

If there’s anything more that “Fuller House” should be doing in season 3, we’d say it should emphasize its familiar faces as much as possible. Otherwise, what more is there that it can do? Whether or not we are going to see the Olsen Twins is something that everyone wants to know, but with their massive commercial success, these women are rolling in cash and don’t need the show as a job. We feel that they may make an appearance at some point, just for nostalgia sake, but it’s really going to depend on their want to do the show and of course their crazy busy schedules.

For more holiday-related “Fuller House” fun, just check out the link here to see the cast giving their own version of a classic story. Leave us a comment in the box below and tell us if you want to see a season 3 and if you want to see the Olsen twins. (Photo: Netflix.)

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