‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ season 7, episode 2 review: Bentley, Lamborghini, and a Lisa Vanderpump apology

lisa vanderpumpOn the last episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” we saw that Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa Rinna are still on the outs over what happened with Yolanda. Can these two ever be friends or is cordial the most we can hope for? With Yolanda off the show (and therefore no reminder of this whole Munchhausen nonsense), perhaps there’s a chance for them to move past it all. We also met the new housewife named Dorit and even though we haven’t seen a lot of her yet, we really like what we’ve seen so far.

If you have been missing the glamour of the “Real Housewives” series (not much of that going on with the Atlanta version right now), the Beverly Hills franchise has that for you in spades. This week we saw Kyle driving her husband’s brand new Lamborghini, Lisa V. buying herself a horse from the Cavalia circus after she had a private showing and Dorit getting a rose gold Bentley Continental for her 40th birthday. The extravagance doesn’t end there though as Dorit’s husband throws her a lavish party to celebrate her big day and it comes with a private lounge, ice sculptures and her name written out in a wall of roses!

At Dorit’s birthday party, Lisa R. and Lisa V. run into each other again and we can see Lisa R. is really trying to bury the hatchet as she compliments Lisa V. on her outfit and how good she looks. Lisa V. still has her guard up, isn’t being that receptive to the compliments and is instead giving Lisa R. a little “prod” as she calls it. Clearly, Lisa R. is going to have to work for this friendship if she wants things to be cool between them. Later in the evening Lisa R. apologizes to Lisa V. for being so hard on her and with that Lisa V. tells her that she’s ready to move on.

When it comes to Eileen on the other hand, she has a different approach with Lisa V. and that’s just being civil, but reserved and Lisa V. seemed receptive to that at first as she apologizes to Eileen. If you thought the apology was for what she and Eileen are fighting about, you are going to be disappointed, but it was nice of Lisa to say that she was sorry to hear that Eileen’s mother passed away. In confessional, Lisa V. reveals that she has zero intention of apologizing to Eileen again for asking questions about “the affair” situation as she feels that she has done that enough and it’s time to move on.

We thought that this was going to be the beginning of Lisa V. and Eileen being civil towards one another, but when Eileen says she is going to go find her husband and Lisa V. responds by saying “I saw him in the corner with his head up someone’s skirt” even we think that Lisa’s “humor” or “prodding” went way too far, but we likely just saw the start of Lisa and Eileen’s storylines this season with that comment.

When this episode first started we thought that Lisa R. was going to be the one left in the wind when it came to Lisa V. and that she and Eileen would be making up, so we were surprised when it went the other way (made for a great TV moment though!). What we love, love, loved about this episode was the glamour of it all! We can’t stress enough how much we enjoy seeing all the things life has to offer to the rich and we love having that one hour a week where we get to see how the other half lives. Episode grade: A-

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