‘Hawaii Five-0’ season 7, episode 11 review: Are we going to lose Chin?

hawaii-five-0On the last episode of “Hawaii Five-0” Danny’s sister, Bridget, was in town and while he was happy to see her, he was unhappy to see that she was flirting a little too much with one of her co-workers instead of fixing her broken down marriage. He was able to talk her out of going down this dark road and we learned that Danny almost took this same path when he was married to Rachel. We also got some of that Danny/Steve bickering that we live for. Tonight though it’s going to be all about Chin!

Chin hasn’t heard from Sara in over a week and while Kono thought it might’ve been that he was too hard on the aunt and uncle by doing all these background checks into their lives, it looks like something else might be going on. After he receives a call from “Sara” and he ditches the birthday party the team has set up and takes off on his motorbike, with Steve hot on his trail to find out what happened. Once Steve gets him to pull over, Chin tells him that that the call was from Maria (her aunt) and that Sara has been kidnapped.

They find out that Sara was kidnapped, but no ransom has been asked, so they don’t know what’s going on. With the police in Mexico unaware of what happened to Sara, it gives an advantage to the ‘Five-0″ team to do things their way. When they get to Sara’s aunt and uncle’s place, the team goes to work right away tracing calls and searching the house. Chin finds the most heart breaking note that Sara was writing to Santa and one of the things she asked for was a visit from uncle Chin. Don’t we all want a visit from uncle Chin?

Later Chin gets a chance to confront the uncle (Jorge) about having a drug dealers number in his phone and he explains that it’s because they are one of his clients (he’s a lawyer). When the kidnappers call in and ask for a million dollars for Sara’s safe return, Jorge reveals that he doesn’t have the money. When Chin asks why not (since he thought Jorge was wealthy) he tells Chin that the police stole his money from his last big case when he got paid in cash and he was driving it to the bank. Chin’s solution is to steal the money back and with Steve’s inside source they find out which cop has the money.

After what was one of the most intense scenes we’ve seen this season (watching the Five-0 team storm the police station in ski masks) they get the money together for the drop. While they are making the exchange, Chin has asked Kono to go over all of Jorge’s phone calls with this drug dealer (so he can have enough reason to take Sara back with him), but instead she finds out that Maria had talked to the kidnappers before they got there and that this was all a trap to lure them to Mexico.

As it turns out, this all revolves around a case the Five-0 had a few episodes back… you remember the one where Kono jumped out of a gym bag like a total bad ass and killed a bunch of people? One of those people was the son of a cartel leader and this is their revenge. Chin starts to feel that Sara being with him is actually worse for Sara since he feels completely responsible for this situation. He offers himself up to the kidnappers in exchange for Sara and the team heads out to stop him. The team gets there a little late as Sara is safely waiting for the team, but the cartel has Chin. And with that… CBS has left us with one of the biggest cliffhangers ever.

It’s hard not to love episodes of “Hawaii Five-0” that are all about Chin and this season especially since we love the story of Sara. We have been praying all season to see Chin and Sara reunited and seeing that hug made this whole journey worth while. Easily the best episode of the season, made us cry like a baby. Episode grade: A

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Hawaii Five-0” and do you think that Chin is going to make it out of this alive?Leave us a comment and tell us if you like how things were left off for the hiatus. If you want more scoop on “Hawaii Five-0” then head on over to the link here. (Photo: CBS)

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