‘Westworld’ finale reaction: Were the big reveals what you expected?

Westworld -The season 1 finale of “Westworld” arrived on HBO Sunday night, and it certainly feels rather clear pretty early on that this was an episode that was going all-out and not leaving very much on the table.

We’re going to have our full review for the episode coming up a little bit later in the week, but for the time being, we want to pose the following question: Were the twists precisely what you hoped for? Did this live up to expectations? We want to believe that the answer there is a pretty resounding “yes” across the board. The twists were mind-blowing, and in many places shocking. There were loops, the reveal of a maze-within-a-maze, and a big reveal that the Man in Black was known other than William. We flashed back to see him with Dolores, a memory that she does not remember. We also learned a little bit about Ford’s past and present prospects, Maeve attempting to strike out on her own, and also more of the Westworld creation and the age of many of the characters within. This was an incredibly violent episode, and perhaps we’d be slightly more shocked were it not for the fact that almost the entire series had this as a landmark in one way or another.

Perhaps the biggest question coming out of this finale, however, is rather simple: Why so many questions? Much of what we heard going into the episode was that there would be something resembling clear answers that we’d get a chance to see, but it didn’t feel that way after watching. Instead, it feels almost more like we’re left with further ambiguity as to the timeline, the characters, and the overall mission. Then again, maybe this is a story meant to be an ambiguous tale about the cyclical nature of creation, and how in certain circumstances even humans can be reprogrammed into different versions of themselves.

Unfortunately, you’re now stuck waiting a year — if not longer — to find out what’s next.

As mentioned earlier, leave your thoughts on the finale below! We’ll be back soon to discuss more news related to season 2. For some additional news and updates right now pertaining to “Westworld,” including some premiere date speculation on the second season of the show, be sure to head over to the link here! (Photo: HBO.)

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