‘Girl Meets World’ season 4 renewal effort trends on Twitter

Girl Meets World -The third season of “Girl Meets World” is a matter of episodes away from reaching its end, and as we get closer to that finale date, the fans are doing what they can in order to make their voices heard about a potential season 4 renewal.

How much so? Let’s just say that over the course of tonight’s “Girl Meets a Christmas Maya,” there were multiple different items trending on Twitter, whether it be both in America or worldwide. Some of these trends include #SaveGMW and #GirlMeetsWorldSeason4. You can see further proof of that below in the Twitter feed of star August Maturo (Auggie), whose account is run by his mother.

As for what this means, it is no guarantee of a renewal. However, this is an era where social-media footprints matter in a significant way. There is so much competition out there in entertainment, and you have to determine if there is a way to stand out amidst the crowd. This is not easy in the slightest; Twitter is a medium where it can happen, given how closely many brands and corporations now choose to monitor it, but it takes a significant amount of manpower when you are competing against many other ideas.

While it would be nice to see a renewal come as an early Christmas ┬ápresent, there may also not be a hurry necessarily by the Disney Channel to make the move before then. The third season will run into the new year, and they may want to wait and see how “Girl Meets World” fares in these final episodes both on Twitter and in the ratings. There are multiple measures that matter now, including watching live, watching via a recording device like a DVR, or views that come via an official On-Demand stream. Executives will take all of them into account.

If you are a fan, the best thing that you can do is continue to watch and spread outreach in a positive manner however you can. That means something as simple as telling a friend to get hooked on the show, or something as tireless as working to ensure something trends on social media.

If interested, be sure to head over to the link here to secure some additional news regarding “Girl Meets World.” (Photo: Disney Channel.)

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