‘The Blacklist’ season 4 promo: Mole mayhem!

The Blacklist logo any seasonThe fourth season of “The Blacklist” is currently on hiatus for the holiday break. It’s a painful, lengthy one, but the silver lining exists her in how NBC is choosing to not wait long before launching new episodes in the new year. The return date is Thursday, January 5, and based on the promo HERE, there is one question that really should be on your mind: Who is the mole?

If this storyline seems familiar, it’s because there is an epidemic out there of Mole Mayhem a.k.a. Mole-aria spreading rapidly among primetime network shows. Take a look at “NCIS: Los Angeles,” where much of this season so far was spent on such a storyline. Meanwhile, a show that is in some ways a sister series to “The Blacklist” in “Blindspot” is dealing with a fairly similar crisis. Their midseason finale ended with the possible killing of a mole, but no guarantee of it happening.

Can many mole storylines exist in one place? Possibly, but it depends very much on a few separate items.

1. Motivation – Is this said person operating with the worst intentions in mind? Or, do they actually think they are helping the world with their betrayal? Sometimes, we do see people do bad things after being persuaded that what they are doing could secretly be good.

2. Identity – If the mole turns out to be a minor character, no one cares and it has little impact on a season. If they turn out to be a series regular, it rocks the foundation of everything.

3. Endgame – You have to find a way to play your story out that feels organic to your show; to us, there’s a benefit in turning this into a long-term story provided that you have the juice for it. If the betrayal happens overnight and the mole is revealed not too long after that, the reveal doesn’t quite have the same juice.

(Photo: NBC.)

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