‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ drink, Penn Jillette on ‘Code Black’, Mary Berry on USA TV

Christmas -Hey America! The chance to see some great TV is on Thursday night. If you’ve recovered from watching the beautiful holiday tree being revealed in Rockefeller Plaza, don’t go too far from that TV. There is another traditional Christmas show on tonight too. It’s the season to be merry and with all the fun programming this week it’s impossible not to be delighted!

What do you drink watching ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’?

It’s that time of year! Fans of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” have the pleasure to watch this holiday classic on ABC tonight. Some families have a tradition of watching this TV classic every year and enjoy Charlie Brown’s story. So exactly what do people drink when watching this show? Hot Chocolate? Tea? Egg nog? Hot Toddy? Taking an unofficial poll around the office, the drink of choice seems to be reflected on how much you like the special. Families enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. Adults seem to prefer something a little stronger.

Is the UK jealous? Mary Berry is on ‘The Great American Baking Show’

Mary Berry is a treasured reality show judge who is extremely popular in the UK. Unfortunately, “The Great British Bake Off” host will only be seen in the USA and American TV viewers couldn’t be happier to have her. Mary is quite knowledgeable when it comes to talking about baked goods and on Thursday night she will be on “The Great American Baking Show.” Grab your fork folks, this is going to be another awesome program to watch while drooling!

Rick Springfield plays the part on ‘Supernatural

Rick Springfield plays a rock star possessed by Lucifer on “Supernatural.” This idea of guest starring has viewers super excited again this week and they can hardly wait to see what happens next. Thankfully, the rocker goes back to being normal right after the episode is over (or so we hope).

Penn Jillette shows tricks on ‘Code Black’

Penn Jillette might have surprised viewers of “Code Black” on Wednesday night. The talented performer didn’t look like himself when he started doing tricks in the ER. The popular medical drama had several intense moments, but the lighthearted reminder from Jillette’s character to have hope was a powerful (and promising) storyline. If you haven’t seen the episode, check it out! Those card tricks were amazing to see and even more impressive from a hospital bed.

And Finally…. Which Fall TV shows will be cut?

It’s December and the decision of networks on what TV shows debuting in the fall lineup hasn’t been completely deciphered. This is a weird year in some respects as the decision of what programs will be cut and what programs will be reordered usually is crystal clear by now. Instead, viewers are left wondering if a few shows will be back and, if so, when. Thanks to technology it’s taking longer to see the final viewing numbers. People are using DVRs, apps and even streaming online so these numbers take longer to add up. (Photo: ABC.)

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