Bernie Sanders drops by ‘Conan,’ discusses Donald Trump tweets

Conan -

While Hillary Clinton has chosen to stay by and large under the radar ever since the Presidential Election concluded, the same cannot be said completely for the man she ran against on the Democratic ticket.

On Tuesday night, Bernie Sanders appeared on the latest episode of “Conan” to discuss at length a wide array of difficult topics related to the election and its aftermath; specifically, he opened up here about Donald Trump’s recent tweets talking about a wide array of topics.

First, Sanders discussed at length some of the comments about there supposedly being millions of illegal votes being cast. He calls the claim “delusional,” and goes on to explain how the hidden meaning of this in his mind is that the President-elect wants to include measures to ensure there are more means to suppress voters in the future.

From here, the discussion shifted to comments from Trump about how he wants to punish people who burn the American flag with either loss of citizenship or a year in prison. His interpretation of this was that this was all about an attempt on his part to punish people who were dissenters, which could eventually spiral into a wide array of different things.

Do we think that this is the funniest appearance that Sanders has made on late-night TV? Hardly, but we do think that it is especially notable given the timing of it coupled with the fact that he is one of the most prominent political figures to come out and speak since the election as an opponent of Trump’s. While Clinton did give a speech following the election and has been spotted around her home in New York, she’s yet to be interviews on any television show.

What do you think: Was this the perfect time for Bernie to appear on “Conan”? Let us know in the comments below. (Photo: TBS.)

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