‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ host would be up for full-on revival

Legends of the Hidden Temple -

Nickelodeon is airing their much-anticipated movie adaptation of “Legends of the Hidden Temple” this weekend (see the trailer below), and we’ll say that from the vantage point of nostalgia, we’re somewhat intrigued by it. After all, the game-show version was a personal favorite of ours growing up, and as a result of that, we’re curious to see how many elements of that could be made into a scripted movie.

Still, it’d be hard to match the excitement we had for the game show, or the excitement we would have in order to watch that again in the event it ever came back. The show had almost the perfect combination of history, adventure, and silliness that we loved as a child and would continue to enjoy now. It encouraged its viewers to listen, but also to be excited and be engaged. Also, you could choose your own favorite team in between the Purple Parrots, the Red Jaguars, and others. (Personally, we were always #TeamSilverSnakes.)

So is it possible that we could see this version of the show return? Well, host Kirk Fogg (who plays a part in the movie) would be open to it based on what he told Entertainment Weekly:

“I could never speak for Nickelodeon because I’m not up at the top making those decisions, but based on all the stuff I’ve seen on the feeds and comments on Facebook or Instagram, it seems like it begs for the show to come back. I think it would grab a lot of fans from that generation and new kids would be totally latched on to it, too. You could almost combine the two maybe, even do it as a family if you wanted to. The first thing they need to do is have a reunion, have all the kids from that generation who didn’t make it through the temple and have them give it another shot. So I’d be a big fan of it coming back, but like I said, I don’t make those decisions.”

One of the best things that you can do if you’d like to see the show come back is to check out the movie, and when you think about that for a moment, what do you really have to lose? It’s not like this is a situation here where you’d be missing out on some extreme amount of programming in order to see it, given that there’s just about nothing on the air this weekend otherwise with people recovering from Thanksgiving. Yes, we do know that it looks super cheesy.

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