‘Sherlock’ season 4: New photos show off Watson’s baby, Toby Jones’ new villain, and more

Sherlock season 3The fourth season of “Sherlock” will be here before you know it — provided of course that you possess the ability to make time pass by quickly throughout the month of November. Come January 1, the fine folks over at PBS are going to be gifting the American audiences with the New Year’s gift of new episodes of one of our favorite series, and today, we’ve got some new photos to showcase what you can expect to see coming up.

First and foremost, we must discuss the first image above, given that Watson’s got a baby! He and Mary are seen with their child, while Benedict Cumberbatch has a look on his face almost suggesting that the baby needs a change. We’ll stop now before we commence making any more poop jokes during a “Sherlock” article.

As for if Watson’s baby will lead to any sort of change in Watson’s investigative style, that’s something that we are personally very much curious about.. He’s got even less of a reason now to want to put himself in danger now; maybe there is a slight addiction that comes with being a crime-solver and a man at the center of almost-endless danger, but doesn’t his family need to factor in here somewhere? We are foreseeing an internal struggle with Watson, but maybe he will surprise us.

Does anyone play mysterious / creepy dudes quite like Toby Jones? We saw him on “Wayward Pines,” and now he gets to come over here and potentially inhabit our nightmares. He’s fantastic.

Before we go, here’s your reminder that this isn’t necessarily the end of the road just yet for “Sherlock.” Much of the future of the series, as reported here, will be determined down the road depending on what many of the parties involved ultimately decide that they want to do. Now it’s time to hear from you! Tell us in the comment section below if you want to see more seasons of “Sherlock” or if you think they should end it before it drags on too long. (Photo: BBC One.)

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