‘The Last Ship’ season 4 spoilers: ‘Tyrant’ alum cast in new role

Last Ship -

The fourth season of “The Last Ship” continues to hum along in production, and for the sake of this particular article, we’re here to report on yet another new addition!

Per a report from Deadline, recent “Tyrant” actress Sibylla Deen is going to recur in the key role of Lucia, a woman who’s already been through quite a bit, and that may harden her as she prepares for whatever comes next in the world. She, like all of the other characters, is a survivor in the plague, but she may be a little more invested in the future of the world than most. She also reportedly has a penchant for being “ruthless” and “unforgiving,” and could have some sort of issue with Tom Chandler (Eric Dane).

As for how she will be able to take out some of that pent-up rage on Chandler, that remains one of the bigger question marks as we move further into this season. Just remember for a minute here that at the end of this past season, Chandler determined that he was no longer fit to be leading the Nathan James and wanted a little bit of time apart from it. We’ll see if that sentiment remains at all when we get to the show’s return this coming summer.

Ultimately, we do expect much of the story this coming season to be similar to what it’s been so far: Crew members trying to make the best of this life despite a myriad of tough circumstances surrounding them. We’re sure that there are going to be quite a few instances of things not coming easy for them, but that may make any potential victory on the other side all the sweeter.

If you do want to gather up some further insight into all things “The Last Ship,” our suggestion is rather simple: Be sure to head over here! That’s where you can see a whole lot more news in regards to casting.

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