‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ season 8, episode 9 review: Kensi walks, Callen’s father returns in poisoning case

NCIS -The fans of “NCIS: Los Angeles” were just as surprised as Agent Callen as they were introduced to his father once again on Sunday night. Knowing how to do his job, Callen kept his personal emotions aside as he worked a radiation poisoning case in the heart of Los Angeles.

The progress of Special Agent Kensi Blye had fans gobsmacked. Believe it or not, she is already walking.  Previous episodes showed her in a wheelchair still working on every step. Her therapy, only two months along, is still slow but her focus is getting back to her physical stature before the accident. Unfortunately her left hand is barely able to move. She is overly frustrated at how little progress seems to be made. It is her beau, Marty Deeks, who offers up words of encouragement and reminders her that there still is four months of therapy remaining.

The Russian based case that the NCIS team was assigned definitely had many twists and turns. A woman who was employed as a dialect coach for actors ends up dead with a lethal dose of radiation poisoning. As the team quickly identifies the compound to be used in past Russian poisonings, the team needs to decide if it is a rogue agent or the Russian government who killed the woman. Several characters from previous episodes made appearances, including the team’s underground go-to-guy for Russian intelligence, Arkady Kolcheck.

Identifying that millions of dollars are the target and the return of the cash is what is being sought after, the NCIS team races to stop the terror begins. The victim’s daughter is held captive and the only way to save her is trading her life for Callen’s father. The intense hunt is aided by a tracking device that leads the team to Callen’s father after the switch to save the victim’s daughter is met.

If the story line didn’t hit close enough to home for Agent Callen with his father, the final scene of the show definitely did. Not only was his father back in town without his knowledge, the discovery of a new sister and niece is very revealing. Promising that there will be no more secrets, the episode ends with a new beginning. The two men take the initiative to make sure the woman and her daughter know they still have family.

This week’s episode of “NCIS: Los Angeles” balanced out a case with personal discovery very well. As fans are anxious to see what happens in the upcoming weeks. The mole is still hiding in the shadows, the team kept their focus on the job. Episode grade A-.

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