‘Hawaii Five-0’ season 7, episode 10 review: Danny’s sister visits, past secrets revealed

Hawaii Five 0Last time on “Hawaii Five-0” we had an episode that was pretty heavily focused on Jerry and his conspiracy theories, which can sometimes be really fun, this this time around it was some serious stuff that ended up getting his friend killed. On a lighter note, we saw Danny coming around to Will dating Grace, while Lou was starting to get concerned that Will was going to lose his focus on school because his love goggles were too tight.

Tonight Steve is meeting Danny’s sister for the first time and when he meets her he sees just how cute Bridget is. Even though he knows she’s married he of course antagonizes Danny about it. The first thing we noticed about her is that her hair style is much like Danny’s which put a huge smile on our face. When Danny and Bridget have a chance to sit down and talk he realizes that Bridget’s marriage may be on the rocks. Seems that her husband is working so much that she’s left alone a lot. Not only that but she’s in Hawaii on a work seminar with a man named Spencer and he’s touching her in ways that are making Danny feel like there’s something more going on. His suspicion only worsens when she cancels dinner with him thinking that she is going to be spending that time with Spencer instead.

He shares his worries with Steve and that there was a time in his life when things were bad with Rachel and he started becoming closer with another woman and when he realized what was happening to himself he pulled himself out of it before anything happened. Because he’s been there, he sees what’s happening to his sister and Steve encourages him to talk to Bridget. When he confronts her, he tells her that she needs to stop it before it goes to far and ruins her family. Bridget explains that her husband is never around and that she doesn’t have any help from the family because everyone’s gone. She shares that she feels like she’s disappearing, until she goes to work and sees Spencer and then feels like a human being again because she is so lonely. Danny suggests therapy or a separation and she tells him that she’s not like him and won’t leave her family, ending the conversation. Danny later goes to her hotel room to tell her he supports her and loves her, but reminds her that she can’t take it back if she goes down that road. She forgives him and he tells her that she is not alone, because she always has him.

Chin hasn’t heard from Sara in over a week and he’s starting to feel that her aunt and uncle are trying to distance her from him. He asks Kono what she thinks and she says that she honestly feels that he took things too far, like having a judge delaying the adoption, so she thinks that the aunt and uncle aren’t too keen on having him around. She tells him that he’s gong to have to do a lot to try to fix that relationship if he wants to have a relationship with her and he agrees.

We typically gravitate towards episodes of “Hawaii Five-0” that focus on the Steve and Danny relationship, because there’s something so special about. As much as they bicker they really care for each other, so seeing Danny open up to Steve about a misstep he almost took in his marriage and Steve not judging him for it but supporting him is true friendship. There are a lot of shows out there that focus on romances, but this friendship is what keeps us coming back week after week. Episode grade: B+

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