‘Duck Dynasty’ ending, Jimmy Fallon, Metallica sing ‘Enter Sandman’, ‘Code Black’ bloopers

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Last night I had a dream that I was the dead person on “How to Get Away with Murder.” It was Annalise Keating, who was running down the suspects without much hope. While it might sound awful, it did get me wondering just how much cash do actors get to play dead. I mean, the viewers might be seeing red, but even those stars who get knocked off (on TV only) tend to get rewarded handsomely for their efforts. I’ve decided to pursue this question, but in the meantime, I’m getting my fix of “How to Get Away with Murder” when it airs tonight on ABC. I can’t wait!

Uncle Si’s antics over? ‘Duck Dynasty’ ending next year

Uncle Si, Phil Robertson and all the rest of the Robertson family made a big announcement. They are ending the show “Duck Dynasty” next year. There is no more quack with Uncle Si saying “That’s it Jack!” (If you are a fan, you got that. If not, it just sounded corny.) While the family has entertained fans for many seasons on A&E, as of lately it’s been harder to keep track of the storyline. The kids are growing up and the antics of the guys has simmered down a bit. It’s been a good run for the Robertson family and the fans have enjoyed the show too.

Jimmy Fallon, Metallica and The Roots Sing ‘Enter Sandman’

Jimmy Fallon, Metallica and The Roots offered up an epic performance of “Enter Sandman” on Wednesday night. While thousands of viewers watched it live, it is one of the best videos this week from “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” and is currently trending online. Using classroom instruments, the music definitely sounds good and is quite funny!

Rob Lowe really knows medical terms? Hilarious ‘Code Black’ bloopers

What Robe Lowe doesn’t know in medical terms; he makes it up with confidence. On Wednesday night the viewers watched as he saved a man in a submarine. On “The Ellen Show” the actor joked he could easily remember all the medical terms for the show. Which could have been true until Ellen revealed a clip of bloopers with Lowe inaccurately saying different terms. Fans of “Code Black” need to check this fun video out, it goes to show how hard actors have to work to make the scenes perfect!

Dr. Phil’s amazing streak: Interesting guests keep coming

Dr. Phil’s show has been pretty impressive with a slew of interesting guests. This week Shelley Duvall stopped by and previously it was Megyn Kelly. The topics have been grounded in helpful dialog that could potentially help viewers. Quite impressive! Since I don’t pay compliments to Dr. Phil often, someone write this down on a calendar. He probably wants to know ASAP!

And finally… ‘This Old House’ offers table saw safety.

Don’t ever think I don’t care about the safety of viewers watching TV. That’s why everyone who owns a table saw should be tuning to PBS to check out “This Old House” as they offer tips on how to safely upgrade your humble abode tonight. No, I don’t care if “Notorious” is on ABC and it definitely sounds more entertaining. If you are looking forward to keeping all your fingers and toes, this is the show to watch on Thursday night. As for “Notorious,” I’ll watch it for you since I don’t own a saw (or any other tools for that matter.)

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