‘Westworld’ episode 8 preview: ‘Trace Decay’

So far over the course of “Westworld” this season, we’ve seen a series of events that have led to the deterioration of this world / facade / whatever you want to call it. The next new episode is entitled “Trace Decay,” and to us, recovery from death and chaos is a principal part of the equation. We’ve seen many of these characters do some terrible things already, and maybe for some, they’ll look for a slight road to redemption. For others, they may cling more towards what is a diminishing sense of normalcy.

For Bernard … well, let’s just say that we feel rather bad for him at the moment thanks to some of the decisions he’s forced to face. Darkness is setting in and becoming the norm.

Synopsis – “Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) struggles with a mandate; Maeve (Thandie Newton) looks to change her script; Teddy (James Marsden) is jarred by dark memories.”

In true HBO fashion, they are giving us less and less in the way of details as this season goes on. By the time we get around to the finale, odds are that we may not have anything to discuss here at all. Given the power of Wright’s performance so far this season (not to mention what we just learned about Bernard), this is probably the aspect of the upcoming episode we’re most excited to see.

Promo – In true fashion, we see so many different stories that it is hard to cling to any of them. Still, at the same time one of the interesting questions that we have is simple: What is home for someone like Dolores? Can she find a true future and bury the past, and precisely what she is capable of? There are only three episodes still to go this season…

We will have some other news coming out soon on “Westworld” over at the link here. Be sure to check that out!

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