‘Chicago PD’ season 4, episode 8 review: Halstead “meets” Lindsay’s mom, a move for Burgess

Well we have reached the mid-season finale of “Chicago PD” which means that after this episode we aren’t getting any more new episodes until the new year. We just saw Antonio agree to leave  Voight’s team to run his own unit over on “Chicago Justice” and with this being the last episode until the new year, we wonder what else they are going to throw at us tonight?

If you wanted to be part of one of the most awkward “meet the parents” moments ever, then you got that tonight in spades. In a weak moment, Lindsay decided that it was a great idea to officially introduce Halstead to her mother Bunny. While this idea probably sounded good at the time, the actual meeting was pretty strange to watch and we could see the regret all over Lindsay’s face. Before they could even order, Bunny started to ask Lindsay for something (a favor perhaps?), but never got the chance because the case of the week kicked off and Lindsay and Halstead had to leave. So what did Bunny want? She wanted to tell Lindsay that her dad is in town and wants to see her.

With so much going on in tonight’s case (someone is targeting police and killing them), we were thinking that the team wasn’t going to have a chance to give Antonio a proper send off. Add to that the fact that he didn’t even tell anyone and they heard about him leaving through the grapevine it was starting to look like he was going to slip away. Instead they all took him to the bar for a chance to give him a proper farewell.

We’ve been wondering who is going to fill Antonio’s spot on the team and have of course been hoping that it’s Burgess. After more officers are targeted and killed, Burgess’ partner Mike can deal with the situation and quits leaving Burgess without a partner once again. Is this the perfect time for her to make that move? After the case is wrapped up, Voight offers Burgess the open spot on his team!!!!

We are of course bummed that Antonio is leaving the team since he’s so great to watch on the show, but after seeing him on Chicago Fire and then on here we know that him moving to Justice is just what that show needs – a familiar anchor. Also we couldn’t be happier to see Burgess on Voight’s team and think that she is going to bring a lot to this group. Episode grade: A-

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