‘Chicago PD’ season 4 on set: Jason Beghe on Voight’s introspection (or lack thereof)

How does Hank Voight heal on “Chicago PD”? It’s a question that we’ve long wondered, given that we consider him to be one of the most hard-nosed guys out there. He does not often turn introspective; instead, this is a guy who focuses on getting the job done … really in some ways regardless of the consequences.

So how much regret does he have? Does he stop to think about some of the decisions that he makes? Is he different when he is away from the job from when he is on it? These are all questions that we had for Jason Beghe when we spoke to him recently while at the One Chicago Day celebration last month, in particular when it comes to how the character is moving on following the death of his son, and decision to murder the man he felt was responsible. We don’t see Voight discussing it too much on the show, and that is an accurate reflection for how much this character would choose to discuss it in life:

“There’s something about Voight — and it’s a very integral part of who he is — He’s present. He’s in this moment. That’s what makes him very extroverted, very interested, and not interesting. He doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking a lot about his feelings; he’s here right now, and that’s what makes him so intimidating. You see how I’m here right now (Beghe gets in our face, which is awesome)? That’s intimidating. It’s about you; it’s not about him.

“It was a conscious choice to make him a guy who doesn’t introspect hardly at all. He might realize he made a mistake [doing what he did], but he’s not going to pull his hair out about it.”

On tonight’s new episode, Voight will take on a very different sort of case: Trying to figure out what happened when the body of a teenager is found in the home of a former baseball player. This man has a connection with one of Chicago’s Finest already in Olinsky, so you have to imagine that there are complications that are going to come about as a result of this.

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