NBC’s ‘The Voice’ results: Did Sundance Head, Dana Harper, Jason Warrior advance on Team Blake?

Blake -Tonight, “The Voice” is in the midst of their hot-mess performance show, where we’re basically seeing twenty performances within two hours. We do think that it’s pretty interesting how the show’s managed to cram most of these in there by giving you a ton of contestants at one time rather than giving everyone individual packages. Really, what this is here is a cruel reminder that the show can give you so many more performances than in those Battle Round episodes where they only give you three performances in an hour and constant filler.

For this article, we’re going to be talking all about Team Blake! Check out our take on the performance below, and we’ll be back later with the results as chosen by the coaches and America later.

Dana Harper – This was a solid take on a Hull & Oates classic, but at the same time we’re not going to say that it was really a cut above anything else we’ve seen. We have a feeling it’ll be a tad predictable.

Austin Allsup – It as a rocking, rollicking country performance that would really play well in a concert. The only thing we’re worried about after seeing this on the show is that it doesn’t play as well for viewers at home.

Jason Warrior – Love the vocals; more than that, we love the confidence. This is the sort of thing you really want to see early on during the competition rather than someone who is extremely shy and you don’t know whether or not they are going to deliver.

Sundance Head – The beard was a little more under control this week, for those curious — for everyone else, you’ll probably be more impressed with the mere fact that the man continues to kill it with a bold, powerful voice.

Courtney Harrell – Love the song choice of “It Must Have Been Love,” but she probably went a little into overkill over the course of the performance and could have toned it down slightly on some of the big notes.

Results – America put through Sundance and Austin (no shock there), while Blake allowed Courtney to move forward. After tonight’s performance, we can’t fault him for that.

For our take on many other teams on “The Voice” this week, head over to this link(Photo: NBC.)

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