‘Vikings’ season 4 video: Alex Høgh Andersen talks new Ivar

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On November 30, the fourth season of “Vikings” will be returning to History, and of course there are many reasons to be excited for what lies around the bend. There also happen to be plenty of reasons to be nervous if you’re a fan of many characters — including anyone who comes into contact with Ivar the Boneless. We’ve jumped ahead many years into the future, and this character is now at one of the most ruthless points in his life.

In the video below, you can see Alex Høgh Andersen explain a little bit about the evolution of this character, how he is different now from who he was during the earlier days of the season, and also a little bit more regarding what motivates Ivar at the end of the day. He’s a young man in desperate need still of someone to love him, but Ragnar’s departure made it very hard for him to fill that void.

So what happens when Ragnar does come back? You’ll have to wait and see on that, but we imagine Ivar’s response eventually running the gamut of emotions. The time without love in his life has left him emotionally stunted, and he also may compensate for his physical disadvantages by being all the more vicious in ruthless. In some ways, we envision the character almost being the Viking version of King Joffrey, but we have to see him in action to validate that further.

One thing we do know is that you’re going to want to see the second half of the season — it’ll be violent, dynamic, and there is a very good chance we could see sea changes aplenty over the course of the final ten episodes of this current run. Rest assured, though, that there is a season 5 beyond that.

If you want to see some other scoop on the return of “Vikings” to the air, head over to this link(Photo: History.)

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