‘Supergirl’ season 2: Could new Kara love interest be coming down the road?

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Much like Kara Danvers on “Supergirl,” we do think it is the right thing that she’s single for the time being. After all, there’s not a whole lot that is coming out of seeing her with someone else romantically while she’s still determine her own place in the world. Also, there was something about seeing her with James that didn’t quite work. We appreciated the effort there by the writers, but it just felt somewhat forced that we had this romance when we clearly didn’t need one.

Now, could there be something for her still later this season? Well, that’s still a possibility, especially given that James is obviously still around, and you have someone else now in Mon-El who is a possibility in his own right. In discussing these two further, star Melissa Benoist had the following to say to TVLine:

“[Last season] was all about her trying to find her comfort zone as a superhero. And now, she’s learning how to be Kara, personally and professionally. I think it’s so important for her to just feel like she can truly stand on her own. I love that she’s not pining after anyone right now — but there are things on the horizon. It’s really lovely the way [that pans] out.”

Our hope is that by the end of the season, we see Kara one way or another in an even more balanced place. If she is with someone, have it be a situation where it makes some sense, and we even get to see the guy pine after her a little bit. This was one of the things that did work about what we saw in the first season between her and Winn, even if the romance itself never actually came to fruition. Sometimes, just having her be pursued more is enough to make things interesting.

In the end, though, this isn’t a romantic comedy, and we do think by and large that romantic subplots are one of the weaker aspects of the entire CW superhero universe. So long as they stick to heroes and villains, we’re going to be happiest.

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