‘Masters of Sex’ season 4, episode 9 video: Bill and Virginia contemplate their future

Masters of Sex -Where are we are now on “Masters of Sex“? Well, let’s just say that Bill and Virginia are closer to getting back in the saddle together as a couple! It’s no surprise given that the two parties do eventually marry in real life, but just because they are together again does not necessarily mean that they are ready to be open as a couple in public.

To us, a big part of what makes the first sneak peek below from Sunday’s episode below so fascinating comes via a natural fear that Bill has given his own history. He’s so used to operating in secret when it comes to both his personal and professional life that he doesn’t know how to handle things being out in the open. Who cares if Art and Nancy know that Bill and Virginia are together now? Neither party is married anymore, and therefore neither one of them has anything to hide. They still have other struggles given that they would be both in a relationship together while also operating a clinic, but hiding the truth shouldn’t be compounding the stress.

Eventually, we imagine some of the walls for Masters coming down, but it may take a little bit of time.

Bonus sneak peek – This one is all about Libby, who tells Keller that she doesn’t mind staying put in her little hippie traffic jam and taking part in a pilgrimage-of-sorts that lasts for a whopping 35 miles. If this was the old Libby, she would never do this in a million years, and that is almost the point. She’s in a bit of a personality sea change, one where she’s looking at a future of specificity and wants to embrace the spontaneity while she still can.

Want to preview Sunday night’s new episode of the show even further? Then head over to the link here! (Photo: Showtime.)

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