‘Better Call Saul’ season 3 and a quick rise in tension

Better Call Saul season 2The waiting for the third season of “Better Call Saul” will continue for a little while longer longer (think at least a few months), but we’re starting to get more of a feeling as ot what the writers are planning, and also the specific stories that they want to tell. For example, for Mike the assumption is that we’re getting closer to Gus Fring. We know there is an association there, and we also know that there was a note reading “don’t” that surfaced during the season 2 finale. Maybe that wasn’t from Gus, but we want to think that it was; either way, he should be coming up soon.

Meanwhile, for Jimmy McGill we’re getting him into this place of hurt and pain that is akin to where he would want to start formulating more of the Saul Goodman alter ego that will eventually define and end his legal career. Chuck’s betrayed him, and sooner or later this is going to come further to roost.

If you’re wanting hyper-specific scoop, the first bit of advice that we have for you is “get a reality check.” Nobody’s going to spoil much of anything with this show! However, we can offer you the following, which star Patrick Fabian (Hamlin) handed down to TVLine:

“For all of the laying the groundwork and the character studies we’ve been doing for the past two years, things are going to ratchet up [within the first two episodes of the season].”

Maybe that means that the show is getting more of a rapid pace, or if nothing else, maybe this will make the Albuquerque world look more like the one we saw in “Breaking Bad.” There are a number of ways to take such a comment, but the important thing to note here is that show looks like it’s not slowing down one way or another.

(Photo: AMC.)

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