HBO’s ‘Divorce’ episode 5 video: The result of hiring attorneys

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At the end of this past episode of “Divorce,” Robert chose to up the ante on the subject of the impending split by deciding that mediation was not the way in which he wanted to go about doing things. Instead, he was convinced that there could potentially be more money in him going off and hiring his own attorney in order to assist in the proceedings. Therefore, he lawyered up, and the assumption going into episode 5 is that Frances is going to do the same.

Here’s the problem for Robert: Not enough foresight. He seemed to assume that because his finances were in terrible shape that the same would be said for her. That’s not exactly the case. You see, Francis found herself her own attorney, and it is someone seemingly much more high-powered than the one he has. As a matter of fact, Frances’ attorney is so prestigious that, per the preview below, Robert’s would be happy just to be in the same courtroom with him.

Now that the two each have representation, we imagine that things are going to start to become truly messy — if they weren’t already. Robert’s going to have demands, but will he have much of a legal leg to stand on? Frances certainly did some unkind things to him over the course of the marriage, but he cannot sit up on a pedestal and profess to be much of a saint either.

While we’re sure that the show will do a good job capturing the realism of the heartache and the anger that can come out of a situation like this (they’ve done a good job with that the entirety of the season), our hope is that along the way, they also remember to continue bringing us some moments that are worthy of laughs. We recognize that this is not a comedy designed to leave you rolling around on the floor, but still, such moments of levity allow for greater variety and for the weighted moments to ultimately mean more.

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