‘Blue Bloods’ season 7, episode 8 preview: On Jamie, Eddie, and jealousy

Blue Bloods season 7Are we going to finally take some movement forward on the Jamie / Eddie front on “Blue Bloods” next week? When the two started to detail their relationship history tonight on “Guilt By Association,” we started to wonder if this long-simmering story would be starting to head in that direction. Based on what we’re seeing for next week’s “Personal Business,” we could be doing that on another level. Sometimes, it may take something so simple as seeing someone you care about with someone else in order to start making you realize that your feelings are deeper than you first realized. Hopefully, that’s what is happening here.

Of course, this show isn’t turning into a romance, and there’s nothing in the promotional material that we’ve seen so far that even confirms that something for certain is happening. We may just be either projecting or wishful thinking based on what we’d personally want to see unfold. Rest assured, there will be plenty of storytelling that takes place that is akin to the “Blue Bloods” you know and love.

Synopsis – “After Emily Harrison (Danielle Savre) tells Danny and Baez she’s concerned her abusive ex-boyfriend will repeat his behavior with his new girlfriend, Emily becomes the prime suspect when he’s murdered. Also, Eddie gets jealous when Jamie lets a young woman crash at his apartment, and Frank must decide how to discipline a sergeant after he fails to intercede during an armed robbery while off duty.”

The reason we spend most of our time casting our focus on Jamie and Eddie is because it’s the most tangible story here to grasp, since the other information here is more typical show fare and there are so few opportunities for a show like this to change the game. Even the slightest alteration, including something as simple as Eddie paying a visit to a Reagan family dinner, would be joyous just on the basis of it being different and standing out from the mold.

(Photo: CBS.)

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