Is there a future for ‘Sex and the City’? Sarah Jessica Parker on current state of franchise

Sex and the City” is, at least from our perception, one of the most iconic comedy series of all time. At times, it’s also one of the funniest. The series itself was something great in how it played with the fantasy of New York while also exploring complex relationships and false pretenses of what they can be. At times, it was incredibly silly; at other points, it was refreshingly poignant.

Then, there are the movies. We don’t mean to disparage them completely given that the first movie in particular had great moments, but the second was something of a trainwreck in our head, an excuse to create some fun diversion where Carrie and company went to Dubai and to get John Corbett back into the mix. We’ve been long a proponent that if the show someday comes back, it reverts back to its previous form: A show. We’d much rather see a six-episode revival series similar to “The X-Files” than another big-screen adventure that faces the pressure of trying to sustain a consistent story for over an hour and a half.

For now, though, it does seem as though a movie is the more-likely scenario, and it’s one that is not entirely set in stone. As Sarah Jessica Parker (currently with HBO due to her work on “Divorce”) explains per TVLine, this is something that is more in the idea stage at present:

“I’ve described it as: There are these things called warming drawers, and they’re used to keep the plates hot. Before you serve the food, you make sure the plate is warm. So I’ve said it’s not on the table — which is where people would like to be, which is so nice — but it’s in the warming drawer. There is no script, but there is an idea for what that story would be. [Sex and the City showrunner] Michael [Patrick King] shared it with me many years ago. And the question is, if and when?”

Parker also told the publication that she was hesitant to speak too much on the subject at present, mostly because she does not want to be responsible for generating false hope — which we do totally understand, given that the media can sometimes be a bit of a runaway train.

Do we think there’s a good chance that someday more of Carrie’s story is told? Absolutely, but we don’t necessarily think that it is a sure thing. These characters already have something akin to a happy ending, and we feel like for the most part, the biggest motivation to continue that story is to try and end things on a better note than the second movie. There’s no guarantee that this will be enough.

What we want to know is this: Would you rather watch a “Sex and the City” movie, or a shortened season of the TV show? Vote in the poll below. (Photo: HBO.)

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