‘Blue Bloods’ season 7, episode 7 video: Danny’s conflict; Jamie, Eddie’s romance discussion

Blue Bloods season 7On Friday night’s new episode of “Blue Bloods,” be prepared to see things get heated — and in a rather substantial way between some of our familiar faces.

First things first, let’s just out what is getting Danny Reagan so heated! A key witness is killed right before they were set to testify in a case, and Danny is floored / filled with rage at the idea of Anthony coming in on what is his turf. Part of this is Danny’s lone-wolf personality coming out. Also, maybe he feels like he’ll slow him down since the two work differently.

Regardless, Anthony’s going to be around, and Danny may kick and scream for the entire episode as a result.

Now, let’s get to what is probably going to be to many people out there the main event of Friday’s episode: Getting to see Jamie and Eddie talk about love! The two parties have been subject to many ‘shipper demands, and in this preview they’re at least getting to put their romantic history out on the table. Jamie reveals to her that he had a fiancee many years ago, one that ended for a variety of different reasons. Given that so long has passed since he had a serious girlfriend, she suggests that he may be hung up on her. (Personally, we like to think that he’s hung up on someone else … someone he works with.)

As for Eddie, she’s apparently got a new boyfriend, one that apparently is causing Jamie to show his judgmental side. (Let’s also hope that this is just because he’s jealous.)

Maybe there are some people out there who don’t want to have a lot of romance mixed in with this show, and we get that. At the same time, you just gotta remember that we’ve had seven seasons with very little romance. A little of it crammed in here and there really wouldn’t be all that bad.

(Photo: CBS.)

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