Is ‘Chicago PD’ season 4, episode 6 new tonight? A few various teases

Things have been almost as dramatic for various scheduling departments tonight as they’ve been for the shows themselves. Let’s put it this way: Yesterday CBS made a quick decision, despite putting out numerous promos and sneak peeks, to preempt all of their primetime lineup for the World Series. Tonight, they did the same thing with “Criminal Minds,” and over on NBC they’ve done the same thing with their entire lineup. This means no “Blindspot,” no “SVU,” and alas, no “Chicago PD.”

Is this a bad thing in the moment for the show? Sure, given that you want to be able to dive into this escapism, especially at a time in which there is a definite need for it. Yet, it would’ve been a bad move to air a show set in Chicago, in particular an episode featuring a baseball storyline as featured in “Skin in the Game,” against a game 7 featuring the Chicago Cubs. We don’t need one thing set in Chicago sabotaging the other! It’s the right move in that it preserves “Chicago PD” live ratings, and maybe it helps some people out there to catch up. (Of course, if you’ve got some objections to it, we want to hear them in the comments.)

For those who missed some of our other reporting, “Skin in the Game” features “Revolution” and “Zoo” star Billy Burke as a former baseball player and friend of Olinsky’s who becomes involved in the investigation. For Elias Koteas, this could be one of the meatiest stories of his career.

Before you take off to watch some other “Chicago PD” episodes, here’s a couple of teasers we can offer about an episode airing a little later this season:

1. There have been attacks against many police officers in the country over the past several months. Unfortunately, some of these headlines will be making their way into the show. Hopefully, everyone in Intelligence stays safe.

2. Remember how Antonio is heading over to “Chicago Justice”? Not everyone in Intelligence is going to have the same reaction to the move.

We leave you for now, but rest assured that we’re still holding onto some other scoop from our One Chicago Day set visit for the coming weeks.

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