‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 10, episode 7 sneak peek: Amy’s secret comes out

Thursday night’s new episode of “The Big Bang Theory” is just about here, and unlike the past two days on CBS, there’s not going to be some sort of long-term hiatus thanks to the World Series. Th comedy is bringing you “The Veracity Elasticity,” which in part seems to be about honesty, secret languages, and also Penny slowly redecorating the place, leaving Leonard to wonder precisely where all of his stuff went.

The sneak peek below crams a good bit of content in here, but the crux of the issue is this: Amy’s apartment is finished, and has been for weeks; yet, she’s lied to Sheldon and continued to keep us the ruse of disrepair to prolong their living arrangement. In one way, it’s sweet because we’re seeing a situation in which all Amy wants to do is continue living with her boyfriend as long as possible. The unfortunate part of this is that Sheldon is not exactly a guy who sees things in such a way. To quote Mike Ehrmantraut, no half-measures. He wants things black or white. (This may be the only thing that Sheldon has in common with Mike Ehrmantraut.)

If we know Sheldon, he’ll be upset about this for a while, and eventually Leonard / Penny / someone else will convince him that he should just continue living with Amy since the arrangement is working. At this point, him shutting her down would be akin to setting their shared apartment on fire. He’s been mean enough to her over the years that it’s hard to justify anything else.

As for Penny secretly removing some of Leonard’s stuff, that’s just kind of funny — especially in the way that Penny tries to play it off. Here’s a compromise: Let Leonard fly his geek flag proud and high in a couple of rooms, but then restrict it. Penny should have a chance to create her own aesthetic, as well.

Story aside, this sneak peek is mostly funny thanks to getting to hear three different “languages” in the span of just a couple of minutes.

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