Ratings Progress Report: ‘Son of Zorn’ tries to pave way to future adventures

Zorn -Son of Zorn” is a ridiculous show. It’s laugh-out-loud funny times, juvenile at others, and despite its missteps here and there, we appreciate the thought experiment. It takes guts in 2016 to put on a makeshift He-Man live action / animation hybrid, and somehow it works! Fox is the only network that’d probably give this a try, so we give them both a round of applause and several hearty pats on the back.

Now, let’s get into the thick of things as we try to figure out if there is any way that “Son of Zorn” sticks around on the air longer than this season. We’re still fairly early into it, but there are some patterns worth noting to go along with a reasonable social following. The show’s got a chance, and it’s worth diving into further in this chapter of our month-long Ratings Progress Report series.

Here’s the good news – If you’re looking based solely on averages, Zorn’s not doing so bad. The show is averaging a 1.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic, and that’s better than any live-action comedy on Fox at the moment. It’s also still got some solid star power, and a concept that is so completely unique that it’ll never be forgotten. It follows up “The Simpsons” on the schedule, and it retains the majority of what it’s pulling in. From the pure numbers along, there’s nothing in here worth taking a sword to a table over.

…And, here’s the bad – The numbers wildly fluctuate for the show, like many other Fox comedies, based on whether or not football is airing on Fox, and they’re also slanted heavily by the show premiering to a 2.4 in a special timeslot. It’s not doing badly enough that we’re venturing into “Cooper Barrett” or “Bordertown” levels of danger, but there’s nothing about it’s numbers that inspire the sort of confidence that Fox executives should start running around in leather underwear to celebrate. It’s a solid show; nothing more, nothing less.

Current prediction – Unless Fox delivers exceptional pilots, there’s no reason to say “Zorn” will be canceled just yet. Give the show some time and see how it does when football season is over.

Of course, we want to get some of your thoughts on this: Would you order a “Son or Zorn” season 2 based on where we are right now? Share in the attached poll! (Photo: Fox.)


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