‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ rankings: Charting the course of the Ikabula tribe

While we have spent a little bit of time discussing the Takali and Vanua tribes on “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X,” the Ikabula crew remains a bit of a mystery. This to us is largely interesting just because on paper, you’d think that this is the tribe most destined to fail. They’re the ones who, like Angkor last year, had to go out on their own and make a separate camp on an all-new beach. The big difference here seems to be that they don’t have the beach from hell, one that caused so many problems for both Angkor and the Brawn tribe on “Survivor: Kaoh Rong.” They also started with an extra member to help ease the transition.

We don’t get the feeling that this tribe is going to be losing anyone before a swap (they’re just too strong physically), but we’re still going to do our part here to try and figure out where they stand.

6. Bret LaBelle – He’s on the outside of the numbers, he could be viewed as a threat, and he doesn’t have a whole lot of airtime to aid him from a story standpoint. Bret seems regrettably like the kind of player we could lose at a tribal council without impacting the story too much.

5. Sunday Burquest – Regrettably, we could say the same sort of thing about Sunday given her complete lack of airtime through the first six episodes of the show. She seems very nice and we could see her making it far, just not as someone with the potential to win the game.

4. Will Wahl – He’s probably a decent player and a nice presence around camp. He’s apparently just not doing anything to merit significant airtime. We’ve been able to gather than he’s close to Jay since he went out idol-hunting with him, but we don’t have a great read on Will other than that he’ll probably be around for a little while.

3. Hannah Shapiro – She’s likable enough that if she makes it to the end, she may be able to get a few votes on the basis of being

2. Michaela Bradshaw – As a personality, she’s amazing. As a player, we’re worried about her given that she’s clearly a physical threat, and for Will and Jay in particular, there may be incentive to want to get rid of her given that she knows about their immunity idol. She’s got the respect of so many people out there that she seems like a slam-dunk to win a jury vote at the end. We’re ranking her this high because she’s one of the only two people on this tribe we envision being able to actually win the game at the end.

1. Justin “Jay” Starrett – He’s the other winner candidate on the tribe, and that package of him crying about his family certainly aids his story if he makes it to the end of the game. He’s apparently got someone in Will who’s so loyal to him that he’s fine watching him find an idol, and he can also probably pick up Taylor if he makes it to another swap or a merge. He’s got an idol, he’s a physical threat, and if he’s smart, he’ll keep a couple of other physical threats around to diminish his target. If we were him, we’d probably try to move forward with people like Michaela and Taylor.

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