‘Hawaii Five-0’ season 7, episode 7 review: Steve, Catherine reunited, who is Grace dating?

Hawaii five 0On the last episode of “Hawaii Five-0” we had what was easily the best Halloween episode we saw on the entire TV landscape last week. It had haunted houses, trick or treating and Kono and Adam being part of a real life horror film. “Hawaii Five-0” knows how to do Halloween right! Now that we are moving into November, we are expecting to see this show raising the stakes since this is typically when shows trot out their prize winning episodes for sweeps… especially this week because this is the 150th episode!

We started tonight’s episode with Steve getting together a romantic dinner and while at first we were hoping that the woman was going to be Alicia (who we really like Steve’s chemistry with) it was actually Lynn coming to the door. While he’s on his date, Catherine calls and then shows up at his house seconds later with news about his mother, saying that she’s in trouble. Doris has tried to break Wo-Fat’s father out of the black site and after it went sideways they are holding her captive. He realizes that Doris orchestrated his original visit with Wo-Fat’s father to be able to follow him there and find the location herself, using Steve once again. Regardless of what Doris has done to him, she’s still his mother and so he ditches his date to go with Catherine to help his mom.

They head to Morocco and Steve finds his mother and with them being locked up together for a bit they talk about Wo-Fat, his father, and how she left him all those years ago dropping him off at school and never returning. She apologizes for the way she handled everything all those years ago and he forgives her – a talk they’ve needed to have for a long time. When Steve tries to get her to leave, she refuses to leave without Wo-Fats father, and after a few bumps in the road they are able to escape. After everyone is safe, Doris gives him the combination to a locked box that will help give him some answers about his life. When Steve gets to the box, it’s filled with Doris memories along with a journal talking about how happy she was shen she found out she was pregnant with Steve.

As for Catherine, Steve asks if she’s happy with her choices and what she’s doing with her life and she says that she is and that she still cares for him. Catherine reveals to Steve that she now knows that he was going to propose before she left and she tells him that if he had gone through with it she could’ve said yes.

Danny’s gone and Grace is staying with Lou. Danny wants to know if Grace is dating anyone and asks his son (who’s spending a lot of time with Grace) to find out if she’s dating someone. He asks why Danny can’t just ask Grace himself if he wants to know, but Lou pushes. Finally he says that he will ask Grace, but in return he wants an Xbox and we wonder if he’s the one Grace is dating. For now… we haven’t learned the identity of her boyfriend.

Chin is still spending as much time with Sarah as possible and has tried to make a case to postpone the adoption after everything he’s found out about her aunt and uncle. Unfortunately he needs more hard evidence then the phone number of a known drug trafficker on her uncle’s phone and he’s only got about 48 hours left before Sarah’s on a plane to live with them. He later finds out that he lost the appeal and that Sarah’s going back to Mexico… is this really the end? We hope not since watching him hug Sarah goodbye has completely broken our hearts. Come on last minute miracle!!!! When Chin gets back from his mission, Sarah’s gone and he sits in her empty room looking through her memory book of their adventures. And now we are crying like a baby.

For fans of Catherine and Steve this episode was a nice reminder of their connection. They may not be getting back together right now, but it’s obvious that their love for one another isn’t completely gone. We love episodes of this show where the focus is on our main cast, so this was a real treat for us and the only thing we were really missing was Danny’s precense since he is such a big part of this family. Episode grade: A

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Hawaii Five-0”? Leave us a comment in the box below. If you want more scoop on “Hawaii Five-0” then head on over to the link here. (Photo: CBS)


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