Was ‘Poldark’ season 2, episode 9 hurt in ratings by Ross – Elizabeth drama?

Poldark -

Following episode 8 of “Poldark” season 2, we saw many people across the internet community up in arms over what happened between Ross and Elizabeth. We know that there were some complaints filed, and of course there were people threatening to not watch the show anymore.

In theory, there was a reason to wonder that maybe the ratings would be dinged in some way by all of this hoopla, but it just didn’t happen. The latest episode of the Aidan Turner series ended up scoring instead an impressive 5.4 million viewers, a reasonable increase from the prior episode and one that should serve as proof that any publicity can be good publicity. While we’re not sure that Ross established himself as altogether likable through most of the hour, he did remind us further that he is human, struggling with knowing what to do in the midst of great indecision and divided feelings. He’s not cut from the same cloth as your typical super-confident hero who seems to have the right answer for just about everything.

We do think it is certainly possible that the ratings rise again for the big finale on Sunday night, given that this marks the culmination of the entire season to date and it will probably be the last time that many people have to see Turner and company on the BBC until next year. At least the show was already renewed for this new batch of episodes, so there’s not anywhere near as much to worry about in terms of whether or not you’re going to be seeing more of the show itself.

Let’s just hope that there is a glimmer of hope for someone during this upcoming episode. Just remember for a minute how miserable the end of the season 1 finale was.

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