‘Shiptober: Will ‘Major Crimes’ season 5 bring Sharon, Andy further happiness?

Based on the way that “Major Crimes” season 5 ended its recent midseason finale, it’s fair to say that things could not be a whole lot worse for the Andy character. Him suffering what seemed to be a heart attack left us with a significant fear that we’d be without one of our favorite characters on the show. Still, we’re trying to be optimistic here in hoping that the series is going to find a way to have him recover, mostly because we feel like despite all of the hardship these people go through, there is an air of optimism with this show sometimes. We do think the producers want Sharon and Andy to be happy.

So with that, let’s pose the following question: If Andy recovers, could this experience make him want to live more in the moment? Could he propose to Sharon? We want to lay out the case both for and against this moment happening in the latest edition of our ‘Shiptober series.

The case for the proposal – For one, it’d be super-romantic and it’d give us a real character-defining moment in the second half of the season. It would also potential set the stage for the couple’s endgame if the show does end over the next couple of years. Getting engaged doesn’t mean that the two need to be married right away, but this would put them on that trajectory. They both deserve personal happiness and peace with such a chaotic job.

The case against it – Maybe you think the whole “proposal after near-death experience” story is a bit of a cliche, and we get that; we just also think it’s something that happens a lot in life, and it makes sense to have that be reflected on the show. The only other argument we can see against it is if you really just don’t want too much romance mixed into what is a show about crime, though we personally think an engagement wouldn’t change the structure of the show much.

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