Could we be approaching ‘Longmire’ season 6 renewal? Let’s look at timeline

Longmire -

We know there are a number of stories out there with headlines suggesting that a “Longmire” season 6 renewal’s happened already. For the time being, those stories are false and seem mostly designed to generate false excitement and attention.

With that being said, is there a reason for hope over the coming days? We would say so, mostly because of the past history of renewals at Netflix. Let’s go back to last year for a minute, when the fifth season was ordered. The date of that was October 30, which means that we’re entering the ballpark right about now. With that being said, it wouldn’t surprise us if the news came a couple of weeks later this time around given that season 4 premiered a couple of weeks earlier in September than season 5. Therefore, if Netflix is waiting to get a certain amount of data (maybe consolidated 30-day numbers; it’s hard to calibrate what they look it since they don’t release viewership), it could be closer to the middle of November before we get good news.

If you want to go back further, Netflix renewed the show for season 4 following the cancellation at A&E on November 19, 2014. Therefore, it’s fair to assume that you will probably get some sort of news betwen now and then … provided that it’s good news.

While there is no guarantee that the show will be renewed, we do like to think that Netflix is a good enough creative partner that they would want the show to receive proper closure to satisfy the fans. There wasn’t much closure at all for season 5, so they may need more episodes to at least wrap some of that up. Personally we’d love many more seasons of the show, but as always, we’ll take whatever Netflix chooses to give us. Based on where the show was at this time two years ago, it feels like a blessing that we get whatever episodes we do.

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