‘Big Brother OTT’ spoilers: Danielle’s plans; Jason’s ‘deal’

There are a good many people in the “Big Brother OTT” house that are really not doing a whole lot in terms of strategy. Therefore, we are going to be rather thrilled anytime someone comes up with an interesting plan. It doesn’t quite matter specifically who is the person behind it.

Earlier today, we learned that Danielle’s plan as Head of Household this week involved her nominating both Morgan and Shelby with a few specific reasons in mind. She wanted to leave Whitney off the block thinking that she could be worked with later, and she also recognized that Alex and Scott are at least people who think about the game and could be flexible. No matter what, she’s not putting Scott on the block. While the two may have a history of animosity between them, Danielle is smart enough to realize that there is effectively no value in targeting someone who is not a threat. The true danger for her and the Late-Night Jamboree is the Ballsmasher alliance. She’s been able to at least figure out that Scott is a figurehead member of the alliance.

As a matter of fact, Danielle wants to see Scott come off the block if he is America’s nominee! She wants to narrow down the Ballsmashers while keeping some options open down the road.

Elsewhere, Jason’s smartly tried to configure a deal that could help himself in the event that Scott and Alex are safe this week — with the funny part of this being that he knows that they aren’t in any real danger. Scott thinks he’s making out with this deal like a bandit, but the reality here is that Jason isn’t giving up much at all.

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