‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 8, episode 2 review: Stefan and Caroline’s big moment

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In some ways, we saw the main event on Friday night’s new episode of “The Vampire Diaries” coming right away. How could we not? After all, the thing that everyone is going to be talking about at the moment is the big engagement between two of the show’s main characters. Stefan and Caroline are getting married! Well, we at least hope so.

The engagement moment between these two felt just about right for the journey that they’ve been on, and if you ‘ship the two of them, we feel like you’re probably happy with what the writers gave you here. The problem with this moment creatively is that you’re always going to have people who don’t like it. There are still many Klaus / Caroline ‘shippers out there, as well, and we feel for them; yet, the producers eventually had to realize that you’re not going to make everyone happy. We’d rather see them make a choice than no choice at all.

For that alone, we applaud the folks at the show for giving us this moment so early on this season. Now, there are many other interesting things to explore.

It’s too bad that the remainder of the episode couldn’t be that happy, given how terrible Sybil already seems to be as a villain. Think about her stabbing Sarah Salvatore for a moment, and basically using Damon’s feelings and memories as a source of blackmail and pain. She may very well be the most terrible villain we’ve seen on the show to date just in terms of what she’s capable of. What she did in terms of Damon and Elena’s past is pretty terrible. While Enzo may not have met the same fate just yet, it could happen — and there’s a reason to be worried there.

Now, let’s go back to Caroline and Stefan — that’s the moment that most people will be excited about, mostly because that’s the glimmer of hope. Everything else right now is a horizon of despair. Grade: B.

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