‘The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood’ episode 4 review: The experiment officially begins

Real WorldThrough much of the first three episodes of “The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood,” we sat around waiting for the main focus of the show to begin. It took probably an episode too long for the cast members to meet their rivals, and that stalled some of the show’s momentum.

Luckily, it didn’t take too long at all for things to start to take a turn for the worse on Wednesday night’s new episode when everyone started to collide in some shape or form. Specifically, Theo and Kassius went at it over who was responsible for effectively destroying Theo’s life via some drugs that were found by police. It was a pretty heartbreaking story when you hear about how this arrest led to Theo losing his scholarship, and potentially even a chance at being a pro football player. Yet, neither party is owning up to being responsible for what happened.

There are other stories that are bubbling underneath the surface, with the most notable one being Tiara and Kimberly. The former definitely showed this week that she has ZERO chill, going off over being “left” at a party of all things before some passive-aggressive comments about the legitimacy of her accent started to come out. Personally, we don’t think she’s faking that just because it would take entirely too much effort to keep that going for the entirety of a season.

Where this season could get interesting comes down to one question: Are we watching people with a legitimate desire to try and reconcile, or are we seeing people just out to exploit their conflicts for airtime? The answer to this will dictate the success of the season. While we certainly don’t expect every conflict to be better, we do want to see a few of the relationships mend so that the entire experiment was worth it.

While we’re not going to call this vintage “Real World” by any means, at least Wednesday’s episode was the most electric and dramatic that we’ve seen so far this season. If the remainder of them follow in this direction, we have a feeling that we’re going to be in for a great journey the rest of the season. Grade: B.

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