‘Shiptober: Should Ragnar stay with Aslaug or be with Lagertha on ‘Vikings’?

VikingsMrs Carter: Is there any hope that Ragnar can find love again?

Ragnar has been lucky when it comes to having his pick of women on “Vikings”, but when it comes to having real love, he seems to have been missing that part of his life for a long time now. Are we going to see Ragnar find love again before this series wraps up? That’s what we are exploring in this edition of our ‘Shiptober’ series.

Ragnar and Lagertha: This is the coupling that most fans want to see happen. They were truly in love when we first met them at the start of the “Vikings” series, until Ragnar messed it all up with his affair with Aslaug. They still love each other and we can see how deep that love runs, but at the same time Lagertha is a woman with a lot of self respect and that affair hurt her deeply. She wants to rule and being partnered with a man who humiliated her in front of the clan might not earn her the respect she wants. That being said Ragnar is the father of her son and with them both being in positions of power now (and working together in the Paris raids) enough time may have passed to allow this love to be rekindled without loss of respect.

Ragnar and Aslaug: Once upon a time these two had a serious connection of both mind and body, but the years haven’t been kind to this relationship. They have become resentful of each other and both have strayed with other lovers. While we want to see Ragnar make one of his marriages work, we aren’t sure that this is the one that will make him happiest. At the same time, Aslaug is the mother to his brood of sons and now that there is a time jump in the story where they are all young men it might make some sense for Ragnar to end his days with Aslaug by his side. Why not enjoy his family while he can?

Who do you want to see Ragnar end up with, or would you rather see him alone? Leave us a comment in the box below with your thoughts. Also if you want to check out more of our ‘Shiptober series then head to the link here or for more scoop on “Vikings” click the link here. (Photo: History)


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